I am sad to announce that the Harriette.Co shop is closed.

Your favorite Harriette products might not be available, but that does not mean you should love (or care for) your body hair any less! Treat your fuzz the way it deserves: wash it with natural products, condition it with quality oils, and wear it in a way that makes you feel beautiful.

It has been a wild and amazing journey, and I am grateful for all of you who stuck with me through the ups and downs. When I launched this brand back in 2017, even mentioning femme body hair made a lot of folx uncomfortable. Four years later, I see fashion models rocking leg fluff and unshaved bikini lines on a regular basis. We have a loooong way to go, but it feels good to be moving in the right direction.

Stay safe and keep fighting.

- Ellen (Founder, Harriette.Co)